Problem / Challenge

Our very established customer developed a new food product with very hot spicy seasoning to meet the changing tastes of consumers and the trending popularity of spicy foods. The transfer or application of the hot or spicy seasoning toppings can irritate eyes and be hazardous to inhale for the operator. The customer was also concerned as the spicy product blend gets airborne easily, it would create a big problem with cross contamination mixing in the other food process lines in the same room.


PSG designed an innovative dust collection system to manage and safely contain the airborne particles. This solution utilized a 1500 CFM PSG Water Bath Dust Scrubber, which efficiently traps dust particles as the dust is pulled through the water. This system is easy to maintain and operate and there are no filters to change. The water is recycled so it only needs to be replaced over time based on the amount of dust collected which minimizes water usage. We designed a balanced air duct system with pick up hoods at multiple use points including: the bag dump station, mixing kettle, seasoning applicator and a mixer. Dampers were installed to adjust the vacuum airflow at each pick up hood. This system allows for multiple products to be run without cross contamination and provided a safe environment for the operators.

dust collection system for food processing

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