PSG manufactures conveying, material handling, process and packaging equipment. Our engineering and manufacturing operation will take your project from initial concept, through design, manufacturing, systems integration and installation.  We offer solutions from just a single component to complete plant production lines.

  • Process Lines
  • Packaging Lines
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Conveyors
  • Pilot Lines and New Products
  • Fast Track Projects
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Process Lines

PSG specializes in process line development for new, expanded, or retrofit plant projects.  We work with your team from concept development and budgeting, through detailed design, equipment specification, and project execution.  Our experience in conveying, cleaning, mixing, cooking, cooling, and seasoning will help you achieve your product quality and production expectations.

We work in a wide variety of industries including beverages, baked and fried products, snack foods, candy, dairy, fruit and vegetables, meats, nuts, and cereals. 

Packaging Lines

PSG designs and integrates packaging machinery, and builds in the flexibility needed to manage your product mix.  We work with you to specify and select the best equipment options for your new package quality and production requirements. 

We design, integrate, and install packaging systems including:

  • Cablevey or Chainvey Systems
  • Vibratory or Horizontal Motion Conveyors
  • Packaging Surge Hoppers and In-feed Silos
  • Packaging Mezzanines & Support Structures
  • Packaging Scales and Bagmakers
  • Bag and Case Conveyors
  • Metal Detectors
  • Weigh Scale Conveyors
  • Labelers & Coders
  • Case Packers
  • Palletizing & Stretch Wrapping

Material Handling Equipment

PSG offers bulk material handling solutions for a variety of products.  We design silo banks and tank farms for liquid, powder, and other products like coffee, beans, and seeds.  Delivery systems can be simple bucket elevators, drag chains or screw conveyors, or process controlled pneumatic or liquid transfer systems. 

We design, integrate and install material handling systems including:

  • Silos, Tanks, and Bins
  • Scale Hoppers and Feeders
  • Bucket Elevators
  • Cablevey or Chainvey Conveyors
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Trough Conveyors
  • SuperSack Load & Unloading
  • Tote Dumping and Filling


  • PSG manufacturer’s sanitary design USDA/FDA approved conveyor systems & equipment.  We provide turnkey design services to ensure product process and packaging needs are achieved.  We design equipment to assure consistent product quality, easy cleaning, and reliable operation.
  • PSG offer a broad and diversified line of sanitary conveyors including tabletop, modular polypropylene or nylon belts, sanitary PVC coated and urethane belts, and stainless steel belt conveyors.   We have solutions for material handling, cooling drying and proofing, accumulation and surge, and case and case turning. 

Pilot Lines and New Products

  • PSG develops machinery for new products to first prove out the product and equipment on a small scale, then we design and integrate production equipment for new large scale production rollouts.  

Fast Track Projects

  • PSG is a very flexible and responsive to quick solutions, and can manage projects with short lead times or down time situations.  We have an experienced team of partner companies across the US to help manage large or small projects.
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