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PSG was asked to design and fabricate a large incline conveyor to convey a dairy product from the processing area up to the packaging platform.  The customer specified a one-piece fully seal welded Intralox Thermodrive Urethane belt.  This belt is closed and very difficult to clean and Food Safety QC required removing the belt on a regular schedule to soak and clean the belt and conveyor frame.  It was also essential for the belt to be removed without the need for skilled workers using specialized tools or equipment.  PSG was happy to take on the challenge.


PSG designed the Lift and Speed Clean Conveyor.  The belt design is easily removed with pivoting arms to allow the one-piece urethane belt to be changed out quickly without downtime needed for welding or splicing.  This is a big savings in downtime, if there is a need to change out the belt for any type of emergency tear or other problem with the belt or during replacement.

PSG added a feature to fully expose the belt and frame for sanitation without removing the belt.  We installed pivoting side rails and wear shoes to release the belt tension while a pneumatic lift raises the belt fully, revealing it and the frame.  During sanitation mode, the belt runs continuously and is fully uncovered while turning the sprockets and shafts, allowing complete access for thorough cleaning.  Sanitation is completed quickly and systematically because all the components rotate and are fully exposed for cleaning.

Plant QC inspected the conveyor after sanitation without removing the belt and it passed swab and lab tests.

CIP spray bars were added to reduce cleaning time for the areas that are hard to access and to ensure both sides of the belt were completely sprayed as it rotated, reducing the need for labor and avoiding operator errors by missing some areas of the belt.

The customer realized a huge cost savings with fast changeovers, quick thorough cleaning, reduction in labor cost, and better product quality.

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