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Fryer emissions are a huge environmental problem. Not only are airborne grease particles emitted from the industrial fryers, but this oil mist accumulates as residue on the roof and surrounding areas. The fryer oil emissions need to be contained and managed because the residue builds up on the roof, causing the oil to pool, making the roof hazardous, and creating plant safety issues.


PSG was contacted by one customer who had multiple fryers with no filtration in the stacks. As a result of uncontained oil emissions, substantial amounts of tar and black residue developed on the customer’s roof, causing unsafe walking conditions and a fire risk.  The oil mist emitted into the air was an environmental hazard and needed to be addressed immediately.




PSG worked together with Emergent Construction Technologies to design and install Oil Mist Eliminators to remove grease, oil mist, and smoke emissions.  The design was highly successful at eliminating the build-up on the roof and emitting clean air to solve their environmental issues.


Emergent Demister Oil Mist Eliminators consist of an air receiver, baffled stainless-steel screens, and a steam back wash assembly which is managed through a timer set by the user. Airborne grease particles from the stack exhaust are collected on a stainless-steel screen and then steam back washed to an internal collection tank.



The Oil Mist Eliminator

  • Removes oil particulates from stack discharge and allows for grease recovery.
  • Reduces grease buildup on the roof, extending roof life and eliminating safety concerns.
  • Conserves valuable production space with roof-placement on top of the manufacturing operation.
  • Helps comply with environmental regulations.
  • Sanitary design 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Sizing and filtration design are based on cooker exhaust volume, stack diameter and length, temperature, and concentration and micron size of oil particles.
  • Steam CIP nozzles purge the filter media and clean the Oil Mist Eliminator
  • Options for pre-piped fire suppression systems are also available.


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